The 24-hour, underground car park is situated under Wolności Square which is located several dozen metres to the west of the medieval part of Poznań. Entrance from Marcinkowski Avenue.

In the nearest vicinity there are Św. Marcin [St. Martin] and Ratajczak Street, Stary Rynek [Old Market], Muzeum Narodowe [National Museum], Biblioteka Raczyńskich [Raczyński Library], Teatr Polski [Polish Theatre], Zamek Cesarski [Imperial Castle] and many other attractions.

Entry and exit: 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
System of monitoring cameras for greater security of left vehicles and intercoms through which the experienced staff of the 24-hour National Operation Centre at any time will provide the driver with technical assistance and help him/her to find the way. The Interparking personnel in the customer service office at the entrance to the car park (level -1) provide assistance as well.
Payment by payment card or by cash in automatic payment machines and in the customer service office (at the entrance at the level -1, and up to the amount of PLN 50 at the exit columns from the car park by means of contactless card.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the car park monitored?
Yes, the car park has a system of monitoring cameras accessible to the car park and National Operation Centre staff.

Is the car park secured?
All our car parks are supervised. The car park has a monitoring system.



What are the opening hours of the car park?
The car park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can I get in the car park?
The entrance to the car park is located at Marcinkowski Avenue. The entry and exit for the pedestrians is situated on Wolności Square – you find there two dedicated, marked entrance pavilions with a staircase which leads to all the car park levels. The staircase closer to Biblioteka Raczyńskich [Raczyński Library] is equipped with a lift.

What is the maximum vehicle height entering the car park?
The maximum height for the vehicle is 2.0 m.

Are electric car charging stations available in the car park?
Yes, there are 12 places to charge electric cars in the car park.
Cars are charged via the EloCity application available for download in the App Store or Google Play. Complaints, payments, settlements, invoices, comprehensive service are carried out by EloCity. All technical information is available at the EloCity number: +48 22 290 79 92 or by e-mail:  The price valid from 02/10/2023 is PLN 1.80 gross per kWh (previously PLN 1.50 gross per kWh). We encourage you to check the prices at our charging stations each time via the EloCity application, as they may change.

Are LPG cars allowed in the car park?
No, the LPG cars are not allowed in this car park.

Can I make a parking reservation?
Yes, parking spaces can be reserved online. Reserve a parking space.

I have reserved a parking space. What then?
After arrival at the place: put the QR code from the confirmation of reservation received by e-mail (printed or downloaded on the Smartphone) under the QR reader on the bottom of the entrance column. If the reservation is recognised, the system will prepare a ticket for you automatically. YOU DO NOT HAVE to press the button to obtain the ticket. Enter the car park. Keep the issued ticket until exit.

I had to extend the stay in the car park. What should I do?
If the reserved time has been exceeded, first go to the automatic payment machine and insert your ticket. Now, you can pay any remaining amount for parking at a regular rate. After payment you can exit the car park, placing the ticket in the exit column.


Subscriptions and paymentsSubscriptions and paymentsShow

Where can I find any information about parking rates?
The tariffs are placed in front of the entrance to the car park and on the automatic payment machines in the staircases at the level -1. The tariffs can be also checked here.

How can I pay for parking my car?
You can pay in the automatic payment machines by cash or card. The other option is to pay up to the amount of PLN 50 by means of the contactless card at the exits from the car park.

Where and when do I pay for parking my car?
Before the exit from the car park go with a ticket to the automatic payment machines located in the staircases at the entrance from Wolności Square or pay at the parking office situated at the entrance columns to the car park at the level -1 as well as at the exit columns from the car park (by means of the contactless card, to the amount of PLN 50). After payment you have still 15 minutes for leaving the car park.

How can I receive a receipt after I have paid?
You can take a receipt only during the payment at the automatic payment machine. Select a proper button while paying for the ticket. If you forget it and leave the car park we cannot provide you another receipt for a service.

What should I do if I lose may parking ticket?
There are special intercom buttons at the automatic payment machine and columns. If you lose the ticket press the button to reach the car park staff and receive information on the further steps or report directly to the car park office at the entrance columns to the car park at the level -1.

What are the parking rates for subscriptions?
There are various subscriptions suited to the many drivers’ needs available in the car park. More details can be found in Tariffs.

How can I get or change a parking subscription?
Fill in the form available here. If you want to change your subscription, email us at

How can I receive an invoice?
If you want to receive an invoice, email the scan of your receipt at or visit our Car Park Office.

What can I do if my money gets stuck in the automatic payment machine while paying?
Please inform about the situation using the intercom located at the automatic payment machine. You will receive instructions what to do.

Can disabled drivers park for free?
Parking spaces of a special purpose are payable.

Is it possible to park cheaper?
Yes, use an option of making a reservation here.

Is it possible to park free of charge?
It is not possible to park free of charge.



Are there the staff members in the car park?
In case of any technical problem contact the staff members by using the intercom. The buttons are located at the entrance column, exit columns and automatic payment machines – or report to the car park office at the entrance columns to the car park, at the level -1. If you have additional questions call 61 851 37 47 or send an e-mail to the address


Do you want to learn more?

Download car park rules
Download on-line reservation rules

Please lodge all complaints on our services via a complaint form.

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