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How to use the underground parking?


Gateway. Please press the button and take your ticket. The date and time of entrance is coded on the ticket. After collecting the ticket the gate will open and remain opened until you drive in.


Park on one of 3 parking levels. When leaving the vehicle please take your ticket with you, remember the number of your parking place and approach the exit through one of two staircases.


Then approach one of the self-acting cash machine at the staircases and:

  • enter the ticket into the space on the left,
  • enter the ticket into the space on the left,
  • enter coins or bills in the specified place,
  • collect your change from the box downwards,
  • collect your ticket and press the receipt button to receive a confirmation of your payment.

After your payment you have 15 minutes to leave the parking facility. Otherwise the parking fee will be counted again from the moment you made your payment. Credit card payments are accepted in the reception. In the reception one may receive an invoice when paying by credit card or showing a receipt from the cash machine.


Find your vehicle and approach the exit at level -1 (near the entrance), enter the ticket at the gate machine to open the gate.

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